Security Solutions Consulting

Security Solutions Consulting

There is a vast and growing body of information that is covered during the training of dedicated crime prevention specialists but only a very small percentage of the public ever learn anything about the topic. It simply isn’t widely taught. Visit our site to discover the classes we offer on Zoom and video on demand. Very popular is our newest offering: “How to COPE with an Active Shooter.”

Blue Lights Sponsorship

Blue Lights Sponsorship
  • Blue Lights is the longest continuous police action show on Earth.
  • It’s the most cost-effective advertising in the region.
  • Wide Audience Appeal.
  • The only locally produced show awarded Best on the Gulf Coast by InWeekly.
  • Highest rated show on BLAB TV.
  • Exciting real-life police action recorded live.
  • Building a loyal audience since 1990.
  • Drives new customers to your business fast.

Touch the Sky

Touch the Sky

Think what you can do do with a birds eye view. Take a peek at one of our promos. Our FAA licensed pilot has years of drone time, fixed wing flying experience and lots of video production ability to contribute to your successful promotion.




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    We have a long track record of success for both TV Shows and advertising clients. As an example, BLUE LIGHTS has been on the air longer than 99% of TV shows ever created. Our current clients have been loyal advertisers for an average of 10 years. Try us for a month and you will become a believer in Reality Advanced.
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    Reality Advanced is the video production wing of RNN and has more network & local video and editing experience than any other regional production company. Put that creativity and “know how” to work for your business.
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    Whether your ad budget is big or small we can scale a campaign that will work for you! Call us and see what your ad investment will achieve. You can sponsor Blue Lights (10 X 30 second spots a month) for the price of one 30 second commercial on a local network TV station with the same viewership. Ask us for details and you will see that value is a Reality Advanced attribute.

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    We work quickly and with quality in mind to produce your video or audio productions. This gets your message inserted quickly in the market without tying up your important time and energy waiting for a production to be completed.

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    Multiple Platforms

    You will have many options to utilize while saturating the market with your ad campaign. Google AdWords – TV – Radio – Print – Websites – location shoots – studio production – aerial video – GoPro… We do it all!

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