One of the very best reasons of all, low price. And better yet, free commercial production. Our prices are low because we have low overhead. That keeps us competitive in the market. As for production, why don’t we charge when everyone else does? Another question might be, why does the competition always charge for their production? There are two primary answers to that. First, they have to make up for higher costs of doing business. Secondly, they have no idea if their advertising campaign will succeed or not. By charging for production they guarantee at least some additional revenue even if the client quickly cancels. Reality Advanced¬†has a very high percentage of success with our new clients and that’s why we want you to devote your budget to airtime and/or internet promotion. That maximizes the reach, frequency and overall impact of your message; enhancing the effectiveness of your campaign. Make the call and try just one month of our services. You will discover what our clients already know. Reality¬†Advanced is the very best way to make your business day. (850) 637-5574.