Active Shooter Prevention

  1. Security Assessment. Many concerns related to Active Shooter are location specific. We provide an in depth survey of your environment using a layered perspective. Property boundaries. Building(s) exterior. Entrances/Exits & interior areas. You’ll receive a full written report, with photos.
  2. We offer “Violence in the Workplace” training to staff and management including Run – Hide – Fight response instruction. A survival mindset is discussed and cultivated.
  3. Target Hardening options to consider can greatly decrease the possibility of an active shooter event.

To schedule a survey at your location or to discuss how we may be able to assist in training your personnel please call David Craig at 850 436-9281 or email

FCPP (Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner)

CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Practitioner)

Workplace Violence Instructor

Psychology of the Active Shooter

Over 100 hours of formal crime prevention training